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WizeDrive Fleet Tracking Technology is a real time tracking company with superior products and strives for excellence and quality service delivery. Customers are our first priority and have full control through web-bases software.


With this in mind a team of focused professionals have spent many years within the various industries and cultures of logistics, fleet management and vehicle tracking. The group realized the need for something different and pooled their ideas to create truly valuable tracking and monitoring products. The development team have worked with some of the best engineers and technicians in producing a product range that can suit an individual, family, small business or a large fleet operator.

Over the years tracking products have changed from being a product that is just used for insurance cover and to aid the recovery of that stolen vehicle, to that of effective fleet management in controlling operating costs and the knowledge of the whereabouts of loved ones and employees.


We pride ourselves knowing that we offer a product to best suit our customers’ needs.

Don’t let your vehicle become a chop-shop statistic in South Africa.

From the login you are in control, in real time. Live speed updates every thirty seconds, movement reports, track replays and all the management tools you will need.

This 24/7/365 available on your mobile phone, personal computer or laptop, putting you in control of your bike, car truck or vehicle fleet.

Street mapping, satellite view, earth map link from six different maps place you in control of what you see and how you see it. The mobile software solution allows you to view your vehicles on your mobile phone. With updates every 30 seconds, you can keep an eye on all your vehicles while you are on the go.


WizeDrive-101M Waterproof
WizeDrive-101M Mini

These robust trackers can be installed almost anywhere. Boasting the latest in technology with both GPS and LBS positioning, your vehicles will be in view even when you can’t see them.

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